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Finding and retaining new nursing staff

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The shortage of qualified personnel is creating problems for almost all hospitals and care homes, presenting the institutions with major challenges.

How can the skills shortage be counteracted? How can you make the profession attractive for young people or retrainees?

How can you manage to make employees feel at home in "their" institution? And how can you get them to remain healthy, and thus able to do their job long term?


No wonder hospitals and nursing homes are increasingly competing for new staff.

The Sana Clinic in Lübeck, for example, in addition to its own school and in-house training and further education, is focusing on good teamwork between colleagues and departments, as well as appealing and reliable shift patterns and rosters.

The fact that the clinic appreciates its staff is emphasised in a video intended to raise young people's enthusiasm for the nursing profession. Using the slogan: "Fantastic 2017 employer": Sana: "We need you!” the video gives an insight into day-to-day work on a ward.

The video also shows the importance of up-to-date equipment in making a care facility attractive.
The equipment seen in the video includes Guldmann GH3+ ceiling lift systems, which are used in two rooms in the recently extended and refurbished intensive care unit at the Sana Clinic.
The innovative and easy-to-use Guldmann lift systems literally relieve nurses of a burden, it has been proved that back pain and back injury can be prevented through the use of ceiling lifts.
Ceiling lifts therefore contribute to maintaining the health of employees. But not only that: The GH3+ makes lifting and transfer operations dignified and safe. Moreover, the system is suitable for getting patients mobilised early, another plus point in an intensive care unit.
The GH3+ is available with optional integrated scale, operation monitoring system, service indicator and higher lifting speed, and can lift up to 375 kg.


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